Florence Nightengale has morphed into Vampira.

Hospital at Scutari (1856) is one of the places where Florence Nightengale practiced nursing

Hospital at Scutari, one place where Florence Nightengale practiced nursing (1856)

Most countries are proud to have a health care system. It’s an organized way of helping the sick and infirm – a mark of genuine civilization. Not so here, alas, where the health system is rapidly becoming a health hazard. After decades of privatizing, profiteering, and insurance company-driven bureaucratization, Florence Nightengale has morphed into Vampira.

Health care costs are sucking the blood out of the economy, for one thing. Consider poor General Motors, once America’s flagship corporation and now sinking under the weight of its employee health benefits – which account for at least $1,500 of the sticker price of each new vehicle. As GM proceeds with mass layoffs, other companies thrash around frantically trying to shed their insurance-needy American employees. They downsize and outsource – anything to escape the burden of health costs. Hence, in no small part, the “jobless recovery” of the early 2000’s. Companies don’t want to assume responsibility for their workers’ medical bills and – this being the global temple of free enterprise – neither does the government.

from This Land Is Their Land: Reports from a Divided Nation
A Society That Throws the Sick Away
by Barbara Ehrenreich (born August 26, 1941)
image – Library of Congress, Wikimedia

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