Peace equals public health


You'll know what I am by seeing where I come from

With firm anger in his voice, Stark said, “I don’t help anyone wage war. Run a check on my farm sometime. You’ll know what I am by seeing where I come from.”

“I know. The little co-op towns in the Midwest are little hotbeds of liberalism.” Rosangelica said. “Land Reform and democratic control of capital. Sounds like Los Hijos’s agenda to me.”

Stark longed for a time when the key cooperative principle of one person, one vote wasn’t considered radical. Democracy was messy and complex, but it was exactly what this paranoid country needed. “You have to overcome that thinking if my plan is going to work, Rosangelica,” he said. “We have to find Domenica, and both she and the Holy Renaissance must come together to create peace in the capital, because peace equals public health for Mexico. It’s that simple.”

by Barth Anderson
from The Patron Saint of Plagues, 2006
chapter 20
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