Our underlying or fundamental nature is gentleness

mother and baby swan

Simple, gentle, inspiring

…although aggression can occur, I believe that these conflicts aren’t necessarily because of human nature but rather a results of the human intellect -unbalanced human intelligence, misuse of our intelligence, our imaginative faculty. Now in looking at human evolution, I think that compared to some other animals’, our physical body may have been very weak. But because of the development of human intelligence, we were able to use many instruments and discover many methods to conquer adverse environmental conditions. As human society and environmental conditions gradually became more complex, this required a greater and greater role of our intelligence and cognitive abilities to meet the ever-increasing demands of this complex environment. So, I believe that our underlying or fundamental nature is gentleness, and intelligence is a later development. And I think that if human ability, that human intelligence, develops in an unbalanced way, without being properly counterbalanced with compassion, then it can become destructive.

The Right to Happiness; Inner Contentment
from The Art of Happiness
by His Holiness the Dalai Lama (born 6 July 1935)
with questions by Howard C. Cutler, MD
image – eyesplash Mikul

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