Peace will not be built by people with bitterness in their hearts

a candle in the darkness

JANUARY 7, 1944

Neither my husband nor I brought on this war. It was brought on by many things beyond the control of any individual. We hope with all our hearts that the citizens of the world will learn from past mistakes and that together we may build a better foundation for peace in the future. The loss of a child is a terrible blow and one cannot blame a mother for being inconsolable. One can only hope that in time pride in her son will bring her some consolation.

Peace will not be built, however, by people with bitterness in their hearts. The boys who died in this war have given all they had to give to their country. The only way that any families can be reconciled to the sacrifices made is for them to feel they are making the greatest contribution to the country of which they are capable, and that, by so doing, they are accomplishing the things for which their boys died, namely, peace on earth, goodwill toward men. This may help the world to keep other boys from having to sacrifice their lives in the future.

by Eleanor Roosevelt (October 11, 1884 – November 7, 1962)
from My Day, January 7, 1944
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2 Responses to “Peace will not be built by people with bitterness in their hearts”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    It seems we have not been winning too many battles of building a better foundation or a world of peace. Sadly. And the sour taste of bittnerness. I’ve met and know far too many people in that state of mind. We have to want and seek enlightenment, not an easy thought to grasp when one is feeling sad, hateful even, about life’s circumstances – and dealing with the survival / coping skills we do or don’t have. And this is where we need to reach out toward mankind and try to understand and nurture those who’ve suffered such losses. Baby steps.

  2. E. A. Able Says:

    Baby steps, yes, and I was touched to see that this was written in 1944. Our insistence on healing is every bit as stubborn as it ever was.