An education consists in “getting wise” in the rawest and hardest boiled sense


In this domain the individual will remain

An education consists in “getting wise” in the rawest and hardest boiled sense of that bit of argot.

This active, instant and present awareness is NOT handed out in colleges and by the system of public and/ or popular education. In this domain the individual will remain, individualism wll remain, without any theoretical and ideological bulwarks. A man will continue to gain or lose his own soul. He wd. do so even were some equivalent of the grey muttony and utterly damned socialism of the Webbs and Villards to get a look-in tomorrow. It won’t, but even that degraded sub-human, subthyroid disposition won’t wipe out the differences of awareness between John, James, Howard and William.

by Ezra Pound (October 30, 1885 – November 1, 1972)
from Guide to Kulchur (1938)
ZWECK or the AIM
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2 Responses to “An education consists in “getting wise” in the rawest and hardest boiled sense”

  1. Juanita Says:

    How true. And learning, in all it’s senses and aspects of being, is indeed a lifelong process.

    I cringe around know-it-alls. How arrogant to believe you know all there is to know.

    This very day I had my first moment in my advanced class for the year where I had a bonafied brain fart and forgot something. My lone “second timer” corrected me, which I love since it proves that he learned and remembered a difficult concept from last year, which led the whole class down a different and interesting discussion road for the rest of the period – all because I wasn’t an ass-hole about feeling I need to prove I must be right about everything all the time because I am “THE EDUCATOR” .

    Learning in the classroom context is a two-way street sometimes – most days not about the subject matter (since it IS my job) but just about life and perceptions of life in general. And that’s the way, u-huh u-huh, I like it 🙂

  2. Abimbola Akanwo Says:

    Yeah, Ezra Pound was right…”getting wise” does include learning from non-standard education establishment…

    Life and social peers also play their roles. It would be wise to watch, listen and watch from them…even if the lesson is not always palatable…

    Thank you for the excerpt post…