You’re here for all kinds of reasons.


Finally, I just stare ahead.

“They talked about cancer like it was something to get through, to treat, to beat.” They never said it was going to change everything, all my plans, and take things away from me that I have wanted since I was a child. “They said it was gonna be a bad year. So that doesn’t mean that when the bad year is over, when you do everything you are told to do – and with a goddamn smile, no less – you get to go back to the life you had?”

Finally, I just stare ahead. I’m so mad and tired at the same time.

“I thought that was what I was here for – to raise a bunch of kids,” I say as we get closer to home.

The rest of the ride is silent, but as we get out of the car, Edward hugs me and says, “You’re here for all kinds of reasons. I can’t imagine all the things you’ll do. You’re here for me, Georgia, and Claire.”

“I know,” I say, dissolving into tears.

by Kelly Corrigan
from The Middle Place

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