Anything can be a lodestar in a person’s life

lemon tart

It was a good way to live

Anything can be a lodestar in a person’s life, I suppose, and for some fortunates like me, the Kitchen serves well. Often the real influence of a lodestar is half understood, or partly unsuspected, but with a little reflection it grows clear to me that kitchens have always played a mysterious part in my shaping…

It is fortunate to recognize lodestars as such. They light our paths, and shape us mysteriously, and in the process can teach true humility. How and why, I now ask myself, have I known not one or two but four kinds of kitchens of Provence?

from As They Were‎, Two Kitchens in Provence
by M. F. K. Fisher (July 3, 1908 – June 22, 1992)

When life gives you lemons…

Foodies are probably waving at me through their computer screens, calling out reminders that lemon curd is an English favorite – not exactly a traditional treat of Provence. Well, I’m a melting pot gal – American, you know? I’ll soak up what’s there and honor what I’ve got.

Tarts, especially lemon tarts, are one of the quintessential, almost-ceremonial, after-brunch treats. They’re lovely to share, perhaps for Mother’s Day or a special date with friends, but I wouldn’t refuse one for a private indulgence. And, if blueberries or raspberries are in season, please serve topped with a fistfull. If not, they can be left naked or dressed up with swashes of meringue. They could even go all casual an ya and take the shape of lemon bars. Nummy.

Lodestars are like that – same star, many paths. A guiding star is not a single-use destination. It’s a point of reference, like the North Star… or also chocolate, but that’s another story.

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