Be brave! Be yourself!


Looking at him with startled eyes - I have not the courage

[Moving slowly away from him, and looking at him with startled eyes.] I have not the courage.

[Following her.] Yes; you have the courage. There may be six months of pain, of disgrace even, but when you no longer bear his name, when you bear mine, all will be well. Margaret, my love, my wife that shall be some day – yes, my wife! You know it! What are you now? This woman has the place that belongs by right to you. Oh! go – go out of this house, with head erect, with a smile upon your lips, with courage in your eyes. All London will know why you did it; and who will blame you? No one. If they do, what matter. Wrong? What is wrong? It’s wrong for a man to abandon his wife for a shameless woman. It is wrong for a wife to remain with a man who so dishonours her. You said once you would make no compromise with things. Make none now. Be brave! Be yourself!

by Oscar Wilde (16 October 1854 – 30 November 1900)
from Lady Windermere’s Fan: a play about a good woman
image – Jed Sundwall

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