Big W00t for a Bacon Valentine

Wow! No matter which side you’re on, there’s nothing like a presidential inauguration. I’m excited, exhausted and ready to play.


Yes, play, in the big sense of putting one’s cards on the table and getting on with it, and the silly sense of your average goofy knock knock joke. Play.

I’m taking a few days to embrace the giggle and the wiggle and the need to have fun. That’s not to say there won’t be thought involved. Knowing myself, I know there’s no way I’ll stop thinking. Metagconition (thinking about thinking) is my patron saint, and I won’t fight it. I will, however, engage thought a la play.

My Heart Belongs to Bacon

My Heart Belongs to Bacon

With apologies to Walt Whitman’s “0 Captain! My Captain,” here’s an alternative caption for you: Bacon! Oh my bacon! Thy crispy grip is yum.

Yes, I’m starting up with a preemptive nudge at Valentine’s Day pork, and I don’t mean the commercialization of chocolaholicism. I’m talking about the enduring allure of bacon, in all its grand and gratuitous salt, fat and cholesterol. Eating bacon, or at least fantasizing about it, is like embracing sex and defying death. Who can resist?

Bacon Tributes

BBQ Addicts – The Bacon Explosion recipe page sports illustrated directions, resplendent with pictures of bacon in slabs and woven sheets. Not for the faint of heart.

Francis Bacon lived from 1600 to 1663. He was a philosopher responsible for the famous aphorism, “knowledge is power.” Francis Bacon, The Essays

Francis Thomas Bacon (1904ā€“1992), was the English engineer who developed the first practical hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell.

Francis Bacon was a famous painter who did some truly beautiful and terrifying work. Lived from 1909 to 1992. Francis Bacon: 1909-1992

The Makin Bacon – a microwave bacon cooker, invented by an eight year old. It works for me! Cameron Cookware Mak’n Bacon

Seduced by Bacon: Recipes & Lore about America’s Favorite Indulgence – couldn’t resist the title!

The Bacon Cookbook: More than 150 Recipes from Around the World for Everyone’s Favorite Food – contains an artery-shocking bacon tempura recipe. Recommended via a plurk contact.

My Heart Belongs to Bacon T Shirt

My Heart Belongs to Bacon T Shirt

Get your bacon love at the Quote Snack CafePress store.

Dark T shirts like this one, and the My Heart Belongs to Bacon Apron are two of my favorites.

As always, you may share Quote Snack postcard images, under certain conditions.

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