Bite Me – and – Caption This!

What is the meaning of a heart? And are we talking broken heart, heart stopping, taking heart or heart warming? Are you hearty, serious as a heart attack, or heartsick? And, don’t you just hate how Valentine’s Day winnows “heart” down to candy hearts?

Heh. Moving right along.

Bite Me

Bite Me

Speaking of Valentine edibles, in the last ten days I’ve made, photographed and eaten lots and lots of hearts – too many hearts, all (sort of) in the name of creative exploration. Though I gained about 100 lbs, I also ate my brussel sprouts and expanded my CafePress QuoteSnack “wheelbase” – check out the Bite Me clock. Love it. Need one for my kitchen.

And, speaking of “bigger than,” I firmly believe that a little brain stretching is a good thing, and getting a little irreverent with symbols is one way to stretch.

In that spirit, I invite you to play along.

Caption This!

Brussel Sprouts Heart

Brussel Sprouts

Bacon Heart




Do these give you ideas for captions? I want your poetical, your pithy and your personal quirky words. I invite you to send me ideas for any food related quotes, quips or captions — for any foods, not just the three “food groups” above. You can send an email or leave a comment on this post.

If I use your idea I’ll give you your choice of an QuoteSnack organic cotton T shirt or another item from my store that is of like value.


  1. Ideas you submit must be your own or free of copyright – no quoting Paris Hilton, or, erm… you know.
  2. You’re responsible for shipping costs over $5.25 US (CafePress’s basic economy level shipping.)
  3. Please check to see what’s already in use (I heart Vegan Ninjas is taken.)
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