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great blue heron feather

A quote is like a fallen feather. Sourcing each quote is the foundation.

Regular readers know that sometimes I just post a quote and an image, and sometimes I write an article to go with the post. My promise is to deliver every quote “snack” with some way to find more information, if you want it. Normally, at the minimum I’ll provide a link to a reputable published source, usually a primary (originating) source. Sourcing each quote is the foundation of QuoteSnack. A quote is like a fallen feather. The rest begins to give readers an idea of the bird, the person who found the feather, what kind of day it was… or the significance of that feather on some personal level that matters.

Here’s a taste of the personal level for this particular feather. When I was working in my back yard this September, a great blue heron flew over and then landed in the top of a fir tree overlooking me. He looked down on me for a bit, then took off and dropped a feather as he flew away. I ran around to the front just in time to see it fall to the ground by the garage. Very cool.

Extending Accountability

Posting images with quotes has gradually led me to Flickr. Initially I thought I’d be using mainly images that are released into the public domain. I want to be able to crop, stretch and edit, to fit my format and goals. Eventually I started to notice that a few of the images in public domain collections are not from public domain resources – they may belong to individuals or be taken from published software. It only takes one person’s oversight to get an image included in a public domain resource; after that, the image will be picked up and passed along.

Using Flickr lets me attribute an image to the person who is responsible for it, usually the creator. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the number of Flickr users who are generous enough to use Creative Commons licensing. Many even use licensing that let me morph the image to better fit my needs. I’ve had only one snafu – either I messed up, or the creator changed her licensing after I took the image. I replaced the image within hours of her email.

A Cultural Community

Actively supporting personal expression is one of my long term goals for QuoteSnack. You may have noticed that I’ve started adding a short paragraph about some image creators. These are all people I contacted after having previously used their images. Some have gone out of their way to give me something special for the post in which I mention them. As I have time and image creators get back to me, there will be more posts like these. I’ll be offering something similar to writers. Writers don’t need to be famous to be quotable, and even if their work doesn’t lend itself to QuoteSnack style quotes, we may be able to work something out.

When I Need to Take a Break

My long term goals for this site are extensive. The energy I have to give is limited, especially right now. Those of you who know me personally may have more details. The rest of you are off the hook – LOL. Here’s another promise: whatever comes to you from this site will be in some way related to the quotes I post. If you start seeing a lot of quotes without articles written about them, I’m up to my eyeballs elsewhere. You can trust that I’ll be back to keep adding more content to my content.

The first week of this month I took a break and did not post at all for a week. In retrospect, I probably do not need to do that again. Since there are a few hundred quotes here now, I could re-publish a few that don’t get much traffic, and still be sharing posts that are new to most readers. If I need to do this I’ll let you know. Otherwise, it’s safe to assume you’re seeing a fresh quote every day.

QuoteSnack Landmarks

November 30th, 2008: first post.
January 29th, 2009: start of daily posting.
First writing prompt: June 13, 2009
First vacation: December 4-10, 2009

And I’m just getting started. šŸ™‚

Thank you for reading.

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4 Responses to “A Note for Subscribers”

  1. Juanita Says:

    Thank YOU for posting!

    I love your site. It’s like watching a good episode of Northern Exposure, where “Chris in The Morning” (played by John Corbett) would wax lyrical about philosophy or literature. šŸ™‚

  2. E. A. Able Says:

    Thank you for your encouragement, and your compliments. I always did like that part of Northern Exposure!

  3. April Says:

    I just found your site looking for the soliloquy quote about time from The Glass Menagerie. All I have to say after a quick look at Quote Snack is wow, wow, wow! I collect quotes that move me, keeping them on notebooks. I’ll be back!

  4. E. A. Able Says:

    Thank you, April.

    I’ll be back, too! I took a Summer break that is stretching straight through to Halloween. The idea was to give myself space while doing an emotional regroup. So far, I’ve lost 40 lbs and now I have a new job. šŸ™‚