Are you trying to tell me something?

This time two weeks ago I had just started a week of daily writing prompts, after which this site’s server logs showed that my returning visitor numbers went up 130%. The next week, without writing prompts, saw a 30% reduction in returning visitors, even though that week was this site’s best week ever for overall traffic.

This tells me that some of you might want to do more than write quotes on post-its to stick to the side of your monitor. Heh. You might be interested in taking some of those words and ideas out for a spin around the block, and then some. I’m going to try a few things.

When choosing a path, one exercise that lights my way is giving myself a simple 1, 2, 3, on the theory that if a good “1” can lead to a good “2,” then a good “3” won’t be far behind. In this case, the “1” is who I am as “QuoteSnack.” Here goes:

  1. I got into the quote thing to explore creativity and literacy.
  2. Here’s what I get out of quotes: reading a quick taste of what moves me, stretching my awareness and creativity through feeling encouraged to do more writing, my own context alongside that of the source, and a shared experience with people who can be very different than I am.
  3. I want to share more of those things with you.

Here’s the plan:

More writing prompts. Starting tomorrow, June 29th, I’ll be putting up writing-related posts on all the odd-numbered days. Most will be simple, straightforward writing prompts. Why the odd numbered days? The first of each month is an odd number, and I like the idea of starting out this site’s month with something active. Every day would be a bit much for some of you, and every other day might be pushing it. I’ll try this for a few weeks, and keep an eye on my server logs for what seems to be working for you. As usual, comments are open, and you can tell me here, too.

More shared experience. I like sharing with comments and trackbacks and little messages via twitter, but I’m always curious about what else is possible within the medium. The Internet is BIG, and there are a lot of us out there, with a lot of ideas. On his site, Paulo Coelho makes a regular post called “Your Space in my Blog.” He uses this invitation, and I’ll be trying something similar:

This space is for you to share your ideas on anything that you consider relevant today. You can publish here excerpts from your blogs or news and articles in general that you think make a difference to the world today. Try to make a bit of editing on what you post here… rather than simply giving links.

Sharing about reading and books. One guaranteed component will be book reviews. I already have drafts for two, one by myself and one by a kindred soul from Plurk. She is a teacher who writes regularly and truly loves her to read. I’m working out the particulars for some other ideas. It’s going to be fun.

Introducing QuoteSnack Lite

One side effect of all this growth is that sometimes the QuoteSnack Twitter account can have upwards of 20 or 30 tweets a day. That’s a lot for those of you who really just wanted a “Quote of the Day.” I registered and will be developing it as a “Lite” version of QuoteSnack. QuoteSnack Lite will be completely automated, and post no more than two to four quotes a day, evenly spaced around the clock. Unlike most “quote” type sites, because it is QuoteSnack, it will only include quotes for which I have personally verified the source.

That’s what I have for now.

Seize the day!

– Elizabeth

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3 Responses to “Are you trying to tell me something?”

  1. ttm Says:

    I have been coming back each day and discovering quotes or little snippets of thought to use as writing prompts (even if they aren’t presented as such). I am THRILLED to discover that you have decided to continue posting prompts every other day.

    I’ve always loved writing, but life gets busy. Quote Snack really is a wonderful tool to kick my brain (and fingers) into gear. Thank you for the work you put into finding the prompts for the rest of us who are too tired, busy, distracted, lazy, overwhelmed, (insert adjective here) to do so. :^)

  2. Elizabeth Able Says:

    You are describing part of why I do this. 🙂

    I read “Shall I compare thee to a summers day” and am reminded to get away from my desk and admire the survivors in my rumpled little garden, and that sends me right back to my desk, where I am energized to do it all over again. Life is short and summer is shorter!

    On Friday I’ll be posting a Darwin quote about savoring every minute. He’s on his way home from a world away, about to set the scientific community on its ear, and he’s dreaming of home – so dear! Finding those things makes me want more of everything.

    Sharing them, I hope, helps others enjoy their empathy and curiosity, and makes them hungry for the feeling of breathing a little deeper and looking a little deeper. I think literacy should do that.

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