Comments are open again. Do you know your Descartes?

A reader alerted me to the fact that I’d inadvertently turned off comments. More specifically, I’d turned off the ability to comment without being registered. Since I disable the ability to self-register, the was no way to register and therefor no way to comment. Turning off comments is a silly thing, when I post writing prompts that invite reader participation! It’s fixed now!

In a few minutes I’m going to publish some thoughts about an excerpt from Descartes’s “The Principles of Philosophy.” He’s best known for his “cogito ergo sum,” or “I think, therefor I am.” I’ll tackle that one later, as well as other snips from the same document.

Now, I love this thinking about thinking stuff, but nailing down the details and ramifications of someone else’s philosophy is like holding onto a handful of sand – the harder I try, the more it escapes. If you truly understand what the writings of Descartes were to his time (and to math!) I invite you to pitch in… now that I have fixed comments and all. Just sayin.

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