January QuoteSnack News

The QuoteSnack blog is now five weeks old. There have been a few surprises – mostly good and some downright heartwarming.  Let’s get the bad out of the way, and then I’ll move over to the heartwarming.

CafePress Usability Problems

One of my goals for the first month was to get to know CafePress. Hoo boy. These guys need a serious usability overhaul; their back end is truly a pain in the wazoo. CafePress’s recent changes barely scratched the surface. Hiring a real interface usability expert could just about change their religion – or at least free up hours of time for folks like me.

Many important details could be better handled by CafePress software, resulting in better products and therefore a better reputation for the company. Nitpicking those details is part of my nature, as an artist and an Internet professional. Because of my web design experience I’m used to looking at if a few pixels creates an overlap or whatnot. Not everyone is that brand of nutty meticulous, and as a result their CafePress designs suffer.  It doesn’t have to be like that. Better usability would help more users have better quality control.

Meet and Greet, Phase One

On the heartwarming side, after only six posts, I have 13 comments from people who are writing more than “nice post,” and that is very nice indeed. It’s not unusual for new blogs to go for weeks of regular posting without any user comments. I’m chalking QuoteSnack’s success up to my comfort with social media. I communicate professionally and often, and enjoy give and take, and the way I’ve opened myself up for conversation has opened this project up for support. It’s neat. Better than that, it’s touching, affirming of humanity’s innate interconnectedness.

QuoteSnack on Social Media

Insert happy dance. Don’t let the lack of an animated smiley slow you down: I just know hours of Internet haven’t damaged your ability to imagine. Now, check out QuoteSnack on social media. I’m tickled pink with some readers’ interest in my new-found love for Victorian sentimentalia. How can I tell if there is interest? Plurkers tend to comment, tweets lead to follows, and Stumblers will sometimes vote.

QuoteSnack plurk Quotes of the Day has about 300 followers, including both “friends” and “fans.” The QuoteSnack product promotion plurk account has almost as many.

For the last ten days or so I’ve added QuoteSnack Twitters to my once or twice a day quote-posting regimen. Lo and behold, when I use twitter, every day there is a new follower or two.

The QuoteSnack home page has been Stumbled 40 times, so far. Wanna add yours? 😉

All in all, this is a very satisfying start.

QuoteSnack Author Poll Results

Last month’s poll asked which authors you’d like to see. Walt Whitman and Oscar Wilde came out on top. In response, I’ve collected some nice quotes by each. You’ll start to see them popping up in Quote Snack CafePress designs and blog posts.

New Poll

January’s sidebar poll will ask what kind of content interests you. Would you like to see author bios, featured books, quotes related to what happened on a specific day in history, maybe a Friday Funny on top of my new Sunday Pun Day? Let me know, and there I will go. It’s all good.

QuoteSnack QOTD

I’m putting together a few dozen quotes for a friend to use in her blog, as pre-formatted Quotes of the Day, probably actually more like QOTW-ish (Quote of the Week-ish.) They’ll be nicely styled and confirmed as to the source and author. She’s happy, and so am I. It hadn’t occurred to me when starting out that this sort of thing would be a happy-making product all on its own.

Ideas: use them and they grow up

The germ of QuoteSnack came to me in about October, when I found that my camera had quit working. I was not a happy camper. I needed that camera for a long-awaited project, and I get a little stir crazy if not whittling away at the project of my desire. Growing QuoteSnack seemed like a good way to keep busy while saving for the camera, and eventually to make a little money from CafePress.

Along the way, QuoteSnack has become a way to share one of the funky li’l search nerd thangs I do in my “spare” time. I like hunting down ideas and images, thinking about they come from, and then writing out what I’ve found. Apparently, you like hearing about what’s going on between these ears of mine. It’s a good thing.

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