Over 500 personally verified quotes later…

It’s late, it’s hot and I’m up writing, mulling over what I want to do with this site. I keep coming back to three things:

1. What would I be interested in seeing here, if this was not my site? I’d want diversity. Every day, I’d like to see a short list of what happened on that day in history, and a quote that sometimes has a relationship to what happened on that day. The quote should have some explanation of the source or significance, though a personal reaction to the excerpt is also good. I’d also enjoy writing exercises, background information about interesting words and expressions, and little primers on writing techniques and terminology.

2. QuoteSnack has some regular traffic coming in every month. I think it’d be neat if I can use that traffic to do some good for small presses and literature reviews.

3. If I decide to up my time commitment, I need to figure out how to get paid – at least a little. Obviously, the list attached to that first item would require some dedicated time.

The sensible marketers among you are probably wondering when I’m going to get around to what I think users may like. Well, according to Quantcast this stuff that 50-year-old me loves has made QuoteSnack popular with Asian teenagers. I’m not sure what that means – maybe we’re curious about the same things? And would they be interested in seeing a Western take on Asian quoteables, or are they here for literature from Europe and the Americas?

Just thinking.

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