Win a prize: tell QuoteSnack about reading and you

Tell me about reading and you, in 140 characters or less, and enter to win a prize from the QuoteSnack store.

Why the character limit? I want it to be transmittable via tweet, but that’s not all. Short is shareable, and being concise requires that every word is weighed. You could also put it like Shakespeare’s Lord Polonius, from Hamlet: brevity is the soul of wit.

If you don’t do Twitter, you can still enter by leaving a comment on this post or by responding to this QOTD plurk.

Some ideas:

  • What are you #reading, right now?
  • What is your favorite time for #reading?
  • Do you teach #reading? – share some frustrations or rewards
  • What do you like about #reading a specific author?
  • What is the first book you remember #reading on your own?
  • Share something from your #reading list
  • Imagine you life without #reading
  • Speak for adult literacy! How does #reading change lives?
  • Share #reading tips
  • Did you get caught #reading poetry in science class?

Need an example? Earlier today I tweeted that “reading out loud helps me remember, and makes me want to sing.” It’s true. 🙂

The Details

The prize is anything of your choice, up to $30.

Entries must be posted by midnight, June 5th.

The winner will be chosen at random, from posts that make me think. “I am #reading” isn’t quite enough.

Entries must be no more than 140 characters long, including spaces. They must include #reading and appear in any of these three places:

This giveaway is open to anyone with a mailing address – if you live in Timbuktu or Tokyo, Moscow in Russia or Moscow in Idaho, I can ship to you.

Spread the Word!

Please tweet or plurk:

Tell @quotesnack about #reading and you, win a prize

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10 Responses to “Win a prize: tell QuoteSnack about reading and you”

  1. d Says:

    I’ve always loved #reading but I’m a geek too, so I love my Kindle. Yes, I can live without paper. I’m not a purist. 🙂

  2. Andrew Burnett Says:

    My #reading may not be highbrow, it may not be intellectual or academic, but it IS mine!

  3. Patricia Skinner Says:

    Ability to read makes us what we are–without it we would be but empty shells. Religion? Politics? Health? Profession? All got by #reading

  4. Karen Swim Says:

    #reading takes me to worlds unseen, energizes thinking & creativity, relaxes my soul

  5. Cheryl Says:

    #reading is the most wonderful way to get away from what is going on around you! I also voe to read with a highlighter so I go back and see the points that have been made to me

  6. Wit Says:

    So I’m #reading these tea leaves. But it’s me who’s making up the story. (PS: Brevity IS my soul)

  7. Michael Leis Says:

    I’m reading Edward Tufte’s “Beautiful Experience.” A great look at how to look at the underlying data structures of great art, and how to make art from information so that it’s easily understood.

  8. lysergius Says:

    Currently immersed in “Affluenza” by Oliver James. Strangely compelling analysis of the malise afflicting the victims of greed capitalism – us. Seems no matter how much stuff we buy we can never be completely satisfied. Such a waste… Is this a legacy for our children? A consumerist nymphomania?

  9. Jeffman Says:

    #reading expands the mind beyond the dictatorial confines of this horrible, horrible world.

  10. #Reading and You Contest Winner! | Quote Snack Says:

    […] winner of QuoteSnack’s #reading and you contest is @happycampergirl, who tweeted, “Teaching kids to read is my way of teaching them […]

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