QuoteSnack Out Loud – First Look at Alimentum

This is how I put my Happy Foot Forward

A few posts back I promised not to get into personal drama here on QuoteSnack, unless my story relates to the literature I am featuring at the time. Today, I’m already bending my own rule. You see, I want to do videos for this site, and talking directly to you leads me to want to tell you how I got here, today.

This afternoon I see a surgeon for a pre-biopsy consultation. I’ve known about the appointment for three days and suspected it was coming for about a week. I put up a more-or-less brave front, but really I hit bottom behind closed doors. Yesterday morning I started to snap out of it. I poured my nervous energy into two things: getting a Christmas tree, and making this video. They are related. Trust me on this.

In a worst case scenario, working on this site will help me keep the life in my living. In a best case scenario, I’ll get for-sure medical confirmation that I don’t have cancer, and working on QuoteSnack will – you guessed it – help me keep the life in my living.

There are days when I simply thrive on this site! Writing about literature is like sharing family history. Relating to each other is so very precious, if we agree or not, especially after 9/11. QuoteSnack is a mission… which brings me to the naked Christmas tree you see in the back of my video. That tree is a six and a half foot commitment to not waiting until next year. Exactly what am I not waiting to do? Tonight my mission will be getting some lights on that tree. This morning, I’m serving up the first QuoteSnack Out Loud. I’m introducing you to Alimentum, a Literary Journal of Food.

Making a video is a big deal for me – I’ve never been comfortable with public speaking. I’m strictly an in-the-shower-when-nobody-else-is-home singer. Today, I am claiming video as my new playground: I am out of my element and therefore free of pre-existing conditionals.

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added — YES. I am ok. 🙂

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2 Responses to “QuoteSnack Out Loud – First Look at Alimentum”

  1. Juanita Says:

    Well done on the vid. Loved the one by Delores Stewart.

    Holding serious thumbs for a positive outcome to your diagnosis, Elizabeth!

  2. E. A. Able Says:

    Thanks, Juanita. At this moment it feels like it must be nothing. Let’s hope it stays that way!