The affirmative of affirmatives is love

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Good-will makes insight

The affirmative of affirmatives is love. As much love, so much perception. As caloric to matter, so is love to mind; so it enlarges, and so it empowers it. Good-will makes insight, as one finds his way to the sea by embarking on a river. I have seen scores of people who can silence me, but I seek one who shall make me forget or overcome the frigidities and imbecilities into which I fall. The painter Giotto, Yasari tells us, renewed art because he put more goodness into his heads. To awake in man and to raise the sense of worth, to educate his feeling and judgment so that he shall scorn himself for a bad action, that is the only aim.

by Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882)
from Society and Solitude – Success (1870)
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One Response to “The affirmative of affirmatives is love”

  1. clarissa mcfairy Says:

    Wonderful quote. Thanks! And I love the photo of the rose. It captures the essence of the quote. One can indeed look at this rose, and know beyond a doubt that what he speaks is true.