I’m shallow, but I’m deep for a shallow person

pink boa

Thinking pink with a pink boa

Once at an Evangelical Christian Publishers’ awards banquet, where all the top books in the industry are honored, I overheard this comment about the guest speaker, a prolific and well-loved author: “Well, he certainly is a better writer than he is a speaker.”

Those words haunted me when I began to accept speaking dates, so I decided to tell my audience the truth right up front. I say, “I may as well tell you, because you’ll figure it out anyway: I’m not that deep.” They laugh. “I’m shallow.” They laugh. “But I’m deep for a shallow person.” They laugh again. But here’s what’s really funny! Afterward a lot of people – I’m talkin’ a lot of people – come up to me and say, “I’m just like you. I’m shallow too! I’ve just never admitted it before.”

by Sue Buchanan
from Duh-Votions (1999)
image – schatz

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3 Responses to “I’m shallow, but I’m deep for a shallow person”

  1. clarissa mcfairy Says:

    Just love the image of the rose and pink feather boa. Suddenly realise it may not be a rose, but it sure looks like one. And the two can reside in one person, the rose, with many deep recesses and secluded, fragrant pathways, and the flighty feather boa. Certain items of clothing make a statement. But a feather boa can make an entire speech. And, in the breeze, nothing can dance quite so lightsomely!

  2. E. A. Able Says:

    The boa was inspired by the author. Quirky, huh?

  3. clarissa mcfairy Says:

    Very quirky ….and timely …. as you know!