And to my doctor – let evidence of the worth of your efforts be the life I live.


And to my doctor

Let evidence of
The worth of your efforts
be the life I live.

This haiku was written by Susan Vreeland, a former English language teacher -turned New York Times bestselling novelist. She is the author of Girl in Hyacinth Blue and Luncheon of the Boating Party.
Susan received a diagnosis of lymphoma at age 50 in 1996.

Haiku by Susan Vreeland
from What Helped Me Get Through; Cancer Survivors Share Wisdom and Hope
Edited by Julie K. Silver, MD

All quotes on Quote Snack since April 28th have been from the writings of cancer survivors. I’m extending it until the end of May, with a hearty helping of quotes from What Helped Get Me Through, one of many books published by the American Cancer Society.

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