Whenever we find ourselves “wanting more,” the solution is to do more for society

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How may I share with you?

When we tell the Universe to “Gimme, gimme, gimme,” it responds in like fashion, and we find ourselves feeling put upon and out of balance. But when we ask the Universe, “How may I share?” it will ask “How may I share with you? You are a being of sharing, and I return the same energy back to you.”

Now this may at first seem absurd, particularly if we’ve been raised on an ego consciousness that’s stressed the need to “look out for number one,” and “get what I can before someone else does.” But I assure you that when we make the transformation to a being of sharing, the question of how to become inspired will disappear. So whenever we find ourselves “wanting more,” the solution is to do more for society, for humanity, or for the environment. Any act of sharing as a response to our wants leads to feeling inspired. The fact is, it just plain feels good to do something for others.

by Wayne W. Dyer (born May 10, 1940)
from Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling (2006)
Sharing is Inspiration
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Giving to Haiti

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Here we are in the middle of the worst recession in sixty years, feeling tragic and put-upon for good reason. Along comes an earthquake, flattening our neighbor Haiti, leaving a million people homeless and an estimated 200,000 dead… and so much is knocked into perspective. We are alive. Our communities are standing. We all have at least some access to at least emergency food, shelter and medical care.

Life and empathy are wonderful things.

Paying it Forward Counts

If you can’t donate, find ways to give time. Local TV and radio station web sites will often have information about fundraisers in your area.

If you prefer to give money closer to home, many of the organizations I’ve listed below also have local activities. Call neighborhood concerns; animal shelters and food banks almost always need helpers.

Charities Helping Haiti

These charities actively helping Haiti have earned top marks from the American Institute of Philanthropy’s Charity Watch. To get a top rating, a charity must spend at least 75% of its budget on program services. I did a quick cross-check with other lists vetted by major news sources, and added addresses and phone numbers where available.

At this moment, all links in this list are functioning. In some places I used links directly to a Haiti program page. Don’t give up if a link won’t load. A level of unpredictability is to be expected, as groups respond to the evolving situation in Haiti, and web servers react to heavier traffic.

In addition, no list is complete without these three:

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