Thought is free

Ariel and Caliban

Thou makest me merry - I am full of pleasure

Within this half hour will he be asleep:
Wilt thou destroy him then?

Ay, on mine honour.

This will I tell my master.

Thou makest me merry; I am full of pleasure:
Let us be jocund: will you troll the catch
You taught me but while-ere?

At thy request, monster, I will do reason, any
reason. Come on, Trinculo, let us sing.

Flout ’em and scout ’em
And scout ’em and flout ’em
Thought is free.

by William Shakespeare (April 1564 – April 1616)
from The Tempest, Act III, Scene II, Another Part of the Island
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Image – Ariel and Caliban by William Bell Scott

A Wink and an Aside

This is one of Shakespeare’s Comedies. Just before anyone can “destroy” anyone, sleepers awake and we’re on to the next scene.

This painting shows the “monster” Caliban and the jester Trinculo, drawn by the music of the spirit Ariel. Trinculo, Caliban and the servant Stephano, drunk, will soon fall into the water while following Ariel’s music.

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  1. Jennifer Palais Says:

    Thank you for this one…not thinking is so so expensive.

  2. E. A. Able Says:

    Wise words from a professional organizer, Jennifer. 😉

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