Do you want daily writing prompts? Please vote!

QuoteSnack’s server stats are starting to show an interesting variety of search terms about writing prompts. This month I started putting up a prompt every other day. Do you want more than that?

If you want a writing prompt every day, cast your vote by leaving a comment on this post.

If I get 30 more yes votes than no votes by the end of July, I’ll change from an every other day prompt to a daily prompt.

If you have other suggestions, please let me know.

The daily morning quotes will continue as usual.

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27 Responses to “Do you want daily writing prompts? Please vote!”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I’d love one per day šŸ™‚

    Btw, I totally love QS – thanks for a fun blog!

  2. Cassie R Says:

    Absolutely love writing prompts!!!! But probably not every day! Ok!! Keep up Good wOrK!!!

  3. Alexie Says:

    I would gobble up a prompt for lunch every day, and another for a bed time snack. šŸ™‚

    I love QS!!

  4. mike Says:


  5. Dane Says:

    Yes, please! DAILY.

  6. Rebecca Laffar-Smith Says:

    Daily is wonderful. That way, we readers/writers can always choose to skip a prompt if it doesn’t suit us or we don’t have time but the prompts are there each day for those of us who would love some ideas. šŸ™‚

    Thank you for all you do here at Quote Snack. I imagine it can be time consuming digging up these fantastic quotes and writing prompts. I really appreciate being able to come here to find these fantastic resources.

  7. Tammy Says:

    Absolutely daily!!! Thanks!

  8. Mason M Says:

    Yes yes yes!

  9. Geri Montoya Says:

    I love the writing prompts. Everyday is good. Terrific five-minute reset. Thank you!

  10. Babybun Says:

    Daily writting motivation? Heck yes! I vote yes for daily.

  11. Ei C Says:

    yes please!!! šŸ˜€

  12. anupama Says:

    yes please

  13. Amber Says:

    Yes please, daily. It’s a great way to keep my mind active. =]

  14. Linda Says:

    Daily works best. I agree with Rebecca. I can skip what I don’t want.

  15. Andy Says:

    DAILY, please.

  16. Sasha Says:

    Yes, make it every day.

  17. jen (@bwJen) Says:



  18. Cynthia Says:

    yes, daily

  19. Jane Says:

    YES. Daily.

  20. mzzlee Says:

    YES! i vote daily!

  21. Michelle P Says:

    I’m OK with every other day.

  22. Jon Says:

    Daily is better.

  23. Darla D Says:

    Please post a daily prompt.

  24. rose Says:

    I have been so delighted and pleased to find ‘you’ and your ‘work’ — i say YES PLEASE to the DAILY QUOTE and the EVERY OTHER DAY Writing prompt — I find HERE INSPIRATIONS i connect with — and a way to promise myself a definite several minute pause in my ‘other things’ busy day — THANK YOU!! Creare Diem! Rose

  25. ttm Says:

    I would love a writing prompt every day if it isn’t going to stress you out. Otherwise, every other day is just fine by me. So, I guess I just raised my hand for both options. ;^)

  26. Danni Says:

    Daily is good. I counted your votes and now you need seven.

  27. Rantz Says:

    Yes, please.