Writing Prompt – April 1, 2010

QuoteSnack offers fresh quotes daily, attributed and linked to a confirmed, published source. In addition, I’ll sometimes post a writing prompt with simple instructions. The next post will be a quote that has something to do with the prompt, so you can take a peek at differences or similarities in how someone else relates to using the same words.

There is no wrong approach. Don’t worry if something seems to be a lot more emotionally charged than it is on the surface, or if some prompts are duds for you. This is a mind-opening exercise; anything is possible.

The Prompt


  1. Be ready to write, word processor open, or pad and pencil in hand. Set a timer for five minutes.
  2. Clear your mind.
  3. Click “Reveal Writing Prompt” below, and look at the prompt for the space of one deep, quiet breath.
  4. As you start the second breath, clear your mind of expectations.
  5. Write, full on, whatever comes to you, for five minutes. Do not stop to correct anything – just go.
  6. When the time is up, you have to stop.
  7. Get up and wiggle. Move. Laugh. Growl. Pat self on back.

You’re welcome to leave comments about the experience and anything that comes of it, including links or even your entire prompt-generated exercise. However, please don’t look at any comments until after finishing your own writing. What you’re doing right now is a personal thing.

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3 Responses to “Writing Prompt – April 1, 2010”

  1. yun molina Says:

    I guess that what ever escapes from my rational ability, I prefer to call it a great deal of luck. But if I believe that God, the Universe, or any other great power has no preference for anybody, and they will support everybody’s endeavors just the same, then I will have to accept that the two possibilities: all of them can be really smart and they can be really, really lucky. The funny thing is that suddenly I am realizing that probably other people might have the same question about me.

  2. Amanda Says:

    J: I can’t figure out if they’re real smart or just really, really lucky.
    M: Dumb luck can’t account for everything.
    J: And it’s not as if they’re experts.
    M: We must be missing something.
    J: We’re looking at this as if we know what they’re thinking.
    M: Huh?
    J: They’re not like us. They don’t know what we know.
    M: (interrupting) So they wouldn’t have the same information with which to make the same choices!
    J: You’re getting there. They don’t even know they SHOULD know what we know. They’re winging it as only they can wing it.
    M: But they’re using our equipment!
    J: But they’re not thinking like we think. They grew up over there. We didn’t.
    M: So we won’t be able to understand them until we understand where they came from?
    J: Exactly. It’s the old nature versus nurture debate.
    M: We know our territory.
    J: What do we know about their territory?
    M: What do we know about their values?
    J: We know we have to get in their heads, but we don’t understand their motivation.
    M: Other than to stay away from us.
    J: Yes.
    M: I hate to say this. We need to bring in people from out of our department.
    J: Our profilers?
    M: Have failed. Give ’em fresh blood. They know how to analyze.
    J: But the starting place was wrong.
    M: Exactly.

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